Tips for Sharing Responsibilities with Roommates

Before heading off to college, many students look forward to the independence that comes with living away from their parents. Yet, while living with roommates can be a fun experience – especially if you share the same interests and have similar personalities – it can also be challenging.

Often, the greatest challenge lies in making sure everyone does their part to keep the living space clean. To avoid conflict, it’s important to come to an agreement as to how you’ll divide household chores. Here are some helpful tips for sharing responsibilities fairly.

  1. Hold a Roommate Meeting

Open communication is critical to getting along with the people you live with. There will always be disagreements and tension if you fail to discuss expectations and responsibilities for chores. To make sure you’re all on the same page, arrange a time to talk about apartment responsibilities when everyone will be present.

  1. Assign Each Roommate Chores

Start by compiling a list of chores that will need to be completed on a regular basis. This could include sweeping or vacuuming the floor, cleaning the bathroom, taking out the trash, and washing the windows, among other things. There may also be some tasks you decide to share — for instance, you may agree that you’ll all wash your own dishes.

The next step is to divvy up these responsibilities. You have two options: you can rotate chores (meaning everyone takes turns at doing everything), or you can each pick the chores you’ll do. The latter is a good idea if one of you dislikes a certain task but another person has no qualms about doing it.

Try to make sure each person is spending about the same amount of time on chores each week. None of your roommates should feel that the schedule is unfair or that they’re doing more housework than someone else.

  1. Pool Money for Cleaning Supplies

Another way to ensure tasks are divided as fairly as possible is to have everyone contribute the same amount of money for cleaning supplies. The simplest way to navigate this is to pool money and use the funds to purchase products as you need them. Bear in mind that you might all have different budgets, which may mean it’s necessary to compromise on quality for certain things. For example, try selecting generic brands for cleaning solutions and paper towels whenever possible.

  1. Create a Cleaning Calendar

Make it clear who is responsible for what (and when) by drawing up a calendar. A chalk or dry erase board is perfect for this, as it’s easy to change and you can erase chores once they’ve been completed.

  1. Be Flexible

Never demand that your roommates carry out chores at particular times. In fact, as long as the chore gets done, it shouldn’t even matter if your roommate is a couple days late — after all, you’re students with busy schedules. If you’re unhappy about how a roommate completes a chore, discuss the issue calmly or perhaps offer to switch chores.

Living with roommates is much easier when you all have similar expectations. Unfortunately, when you share a room on campus, who you are paired with often comes down to luck.

However, on-campus housing is far from your only option. You can also live the college experience in off-campus student rentals. London, Ontario, students have Foundry First, which offers a convenient roommate matching service. This means you’ll share a suite with roommates who have similar interests, and as a result, sharing responsibilities can be a smooth, hassle-free experience. Plus, since you’ll have your own room, you’ll only need to divide chores for keeping common areas tidy.

Making the Most of Your Time Off in the Summer

Making the Most of Your Time Off in the Summer

Summer is the season most college students dream of all year long. Plans for summer are sometimes made well in advance, while others develop last-minute. But with so much excitement surrounding this time of year, it’s easy to overlook some of the ways you can make the most of your time off with enriching, memorable experiences. Remember, summer is more than just playtime; your break is also the perfect opportunity for gaining valuable experience for your future career. Here are a few suggestions for maximizing your time off between semesters.


Some students are fortunate enough to have the means to travel during the summer break. If you have such an opportunity, don’t let it pass you by! Traveling with friends allows you to immerse yourself in different environments and learn about other communities. You can also catch up with friends who may attend colleges far away. Moreover, your trip doesn’t even have to be expensive—it can be as simple as putting together a road trip with a few sight-seeing stops along the way. Summer is the time to make memories, so pack your suitcase and join your friends on a trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Nurture Your Hobby

Oftentimes, demanding class work and job responsibilities force college students to put their hobbies on hold during the semester. Luckily, it’s easy to jump back in to your favorite pastimes once summer arrives. You might even consider indulging in a new hobby that you never had time to try during the school year. Now that your schedule is more flexible, look for a hobby that brings you joy, and consider trying something you’ve never done before.

Get a Summer Job or Internship

Of course, summer isn’t just for relaxing; it’s also the perfect time to do something productive, like finding a job or an internship. Some students are successful in finding jobs related to their field of study, while others take any position available to make ends meet. No matter which route you go, summer is a great time to make some extra money that you can use to get through the school year. Even if you take on an unpaid internship, you’ll develop new skills and have experience for your resume—both of which employers look for when hiring.

Continue Learning

While summer typically brings a break from studies, some students choose to continue with their courses. If your school offers summer courses, taking one or two will still allow you freedom to relax, but you’ll also get a leg up on the next semester. With that said, you don’t have to take a course on campus to continue learning. You can use online courses and free apps to develop unique skills or learn a new language to enhance your future career prospects. Plus, learning something new will keep you busy, even when you can’t find anything to watch on Netflix.

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