Rooms for Rent Near Fanshawe College

When you first start out on your journey looking for a room to rent near Fanshawe College, it can be quite exciting; however, it can soon become tiresome as you see room after room that’s just not right. Some are poorly-maintained, whereas others are too expensive or too far from school.

What if we told you that you could stop your search right now? We have already found you a room for rent that you’re going to love! At Foundry First, we offer everything you could want in student housing.

There are several benefits to picking Foundry First over any other apartment building in London, Ontario.

Clean and Well-Maintained

After a long search for a room for rent in London, Ontario, you may find it hard to believe that Foundry First exists. Everything at Foundry First is clean, modern, and fully-functioning. We even have a maintenance team on hand, ready to resolve any problems that crop up, big or small.


Many students who are looking for a room for rent would prefer not to live on campus, but they still want to be near school. This is exactly why we chose our location, just #49Steps from Fanshawe College.

Support Team

It is uncommon to find a room for rent that also comes with a support team, but that’s the case at Foundry First. If you’ve never lived away from home before, there’s no problem. Our support staff can help you cope with any issues — you will soon feel right at home.

Everything You Need

To prevent you from having to traipse around London, Ontario every time you need to carry out basic, everyday tasks like washing laundry and working out, we have all the facilities you need on site. We have a laundry room and a fitness centre, as well as a theatre, lounge, and study room.


Not only will you be living in a safe neighbourhood in London, Ontario, Foundry First provides additional security. You and your possessions will always be protected while under our roof.

End your search for a room for rent near Fanshawe College today. Book a tour or reserve one of our rooms now.