Foundry First is the Fanshawe Off-Campus Housing You’ve Been Searching For

Living in off-campus housing is a great option if you’re looking for more choice when it comes to amenities, room type, and other features. But off-campus life can also be inconvenient, as you will need to figure out how to get to school on time every day, and you will need to lug all your books back home after a tiring day of classes. Plus, it can be lonely living away from other students.

On-campus residence at Fanshawe College can solve some of these problems. The issue is you may struggle to find a place to be alone, and it can be hard to study in the face of these distractions. There can also be a lot of rules, making it difficult to feel totally at home.

A perfect compromise is off-campus housing right next to Fanshawe. This has the benefits of both on- and off-campus housing in one. If you’re a student in London, Ontario, you must consider Foundry First for your accommodation.

Community of Students

Many people choose to live on campus to be around other students — to form a community. As Foundry First housing is just for students, it offers the same opportunities to socialize, spend time with others, and participate in activities. If you’re new to London, Ontario, you will find it easy to meet new people in places like the on-site lounge, the theatre and the gym.


A major reason for seeking off-campus housing is the need for privacy, which can feel quite impossible when you’re living on campus at Fanshawe College. With Foundry First, you will have your own bedroom in a luxury suite, where you can spend time alone and undisturbed, whenever you want.


Just #49Steps away, staying in our Fanshawe off-campus housing is almost as close to the school as being in a Fanshawe residence. You will be able to sleep in longer than your classmates who have a trek to reach school in the morning!

Lower Costs

The proximity to Fanshawe College also makes accommodation at Foundry First an economical option. You will save money on transportation and can even forgo your own vehicle entirely, although we do offer parking for students with cars. We also have bike storage on-site, if you prefer that option.

If you’re looking for something more than student residence can offer, Fanshawe off-campus housing is the perfect solution for you. Avoid missing out on all the excitement that living with other London, Ontario students brings, while receiving the benefits of extra amenities, more choice, and better privacy at our off-campus housing. Book a tour now!