The Perfect Alternative to a Fanshawe College Residence

For some students, a Fanshawe College residence is a great place to live. For others, living off-campus is the best option because they’re looking for more choice when it comes to housing. For anyone who likes the idea of the perfect compromise – off-campus housing that’s incredibly convenient and offers all the benefits of an on-campus residence and more – Foundry First is just the place!

Why Some Students Choose On-Campus Housing

For some students, Fanshawe housing has everything they’re looking for.The biggest advantage for many people is that a Fanshawe residence puts you in a community of other students, where there’s plenty of opportunity to socialize and always something going on. With housing that’s right on campus, you can also walk to your classes or the library in a matter of minutes, which means minimizing transportation costs and maximizing your opportunities to sleep in. Living in residence is the perfect housing solution for some, but for anyone looking for more choice and freedom, Fanshawe off-campus housing may be the better choice.

Foundry First Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Not everyone enjoys living on-campus in a residence. Some students like to keep to themselves or wish to have more privacy and space than they would living on campus at Fanshawe College. Even students who like to socialize can find housing that’s on campus to be somewhat overwhelming with too many things to distract them from their studies. Contrary to what some might think, living on campus isn’t always the most affordable option, either.

At Foundry First, we’ve created off-campus housing that’s the perfect compromise for students who want to experience the camaraderie and convenience that’s typical of living on campus, but value their privacy and want to enjoy the many additional benefits that only Foundry First can offer.

Flexible: At Foundry First, students have the flexibility of choosing when they want to socialize and when they’d rather be alone. With a great community of students and a lounge and theater room on-site, you will have no shortage of opportunities to socialize. But, when you want time to yourself or need to do some solo studying, the quiet comfort of your suite is there for you.

Convenient: Just #49steps away from Fanshawe College, if you’re not going to live on campus, it doesn’t get any more convenient than Foundry First. One of the downsides of off-campus housing is often having to pay for various transportation costs, but we put you close enough to school that you can walk or ride your bike to class in minutes. Not only are we the most conveniently located off-campus housing Fanshawe College students will find, but Foundry First also provides a wide variety of amenities that make student living exceptionally convenient. With everything from on-site laundry and a gym within reach, there’s no better way to save time when you’re a student.

Affordable: Compare the incredible value you receive at Foundry First to choosing an apartment or room for rent near Fanshawe College and you will see there’s no question that Foundry First offers luxury for less. If you look at what you’re paying for and what you get in return when living in residence at Fanshawe College, you may be surprised to see that Foundry First is a cost-effective housing option, as well.

Community: The Foundry First community is ready to welcome you! If you’re excited to make new friends and like the idea of living in a great community of people, you’re going to love it here. We offer the perfect balance, where students can socialize with friends and find the support they need, when they want it.

If you’re currently looking for Fanshawe College off-campus housing, don’t miss the opportunity to live in a place that was designed entirely for students. Book your tour today and discover all that Foundry First has to offer.