The BEST Student Apartments London, Ontario has to Offer

When it comes to student apartments, London, Ontario has plenty to offer. But nothing compares to what we have at Foundry First. Our student apartments go beyond simple accommodation. We provide everything students who are used to living in luxury desire, all the while staying within a student budget.

Modern Furnishings

Throughout our student apartments — from bedrooms to bathrooms, kitchens to living rooms — you will find modern furnishings. Unlike other student apartments in London, Ontario, we have everything you need to be comfortable. Whether your priorities lie in being able to prepare home-cooked meals, or if you want a high-quality desk that supports your study habits, we have you covered.

Proximity to Fanshawe College

At just #49Steps from campus, the only way to be closer to Fanshawe College is to live in residence. There are few other places that are as nice and allow you to bike or even walk to school in London, Ontario.

Remain Within Your Budget

Saving money shouldn’t mean living in a room that barely offers the basics in the worst neighbourhood in London, Ontario. At Foundry First, our suites and apartments vary in size, allowing you to pick an affordable option. Whatever you choose, it will be clean and well-maintained and you will have access to all of our amenities, including on-site laundry, parking, and WiFi.

Designed with You In Mind

We created our Foundry First student apartments with you in mind. For this reason, we have incorporated facilities to keep you healthy and happy and to help you study. For instance, we have a study room for collaboration on projects, and a gym for fitness and relaxation. You’d be hard-pressed to find other student apartments in London, Ontario, that offer anything close to what we have at Foundry First.

Feel at Home

We guarantee that you will fit right in at Foundry First, whether you’re a social butterfly or you value your time alone. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who want the same things from their student apartments. Plus, we have staff on-site who are ready to welcome you home.

If you’re looking for student apartments, London, Ontario, has a huge range of options, but you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Book your apartment now to make sure you have a home you love during your time at Fanshawe College.