For Luxurious Student Housing, London, Ontario Students Choose Foundry First

As a student in London, Ontario, housing is the last thing you want to have to deal with. Purchasing all the things you need to turn your room or apartment into a proper home, figuring out how you will get to Fanshawe College every day, and worrying that you will never be as comfortable as you are at home is a huge inconvenience.

With Foundry First as one of your options, there’s no need to concern yourself with any of this. We offer student housing in the form of luxury suites, just steps from Fanshawe College. There are several reasons why our student housing is the most convenient option you will find in London, Ontario.

Our Suites Are Furnished

Bring nothing but yourself, your books, and your personal items. Our luxury suites are fully furnished with everything you need for high-end living. Plus, the modern furnishings make our suites ideal for both studying and socializing.

Just #49Steps from Fanshawe College

When seeking student housing, London, Ontario students’ main concern tends to be the proximity to campus. Our luxury suites are just #49Steps away from Fanshawe.

This is as close as living on campus — but we also provide all the benefits of off-campus living. For instance, you will have no problem getting to class on time and you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on your way to school, but we offer a distinct environment away from your academic life.

All the Amenities You Need Under One Roof

Foundry First student housing has all the basics you need including parking, bike storage, and laundry; however, we go a step further when compared to other student housing options in London, Ontario. Our additional amenities make your stay as comfortable as possible and reduce the need for you to leave the premises. For instance we have a full gym, a lounge, and even a theatre room – all on site!

Staff Available for a Variety of Issues

If it’s your first time living away from home, you may be anxious about feeling lonely or not knowing what to do if you run into problems. Staying in our student housing, London, Ontario students are surrounded by others, which creates a supportive community. We also take this a step further with our on-site staff, who are ready to help you with any issues that may arise.

No Worries About Handling Maintenance Yourself

A major downside of many student housing options is that you’re expected to deal with maintenance issues yourself. This can be a huge drain on your time when you should be focused on your studies.

With Foundry First student housing, London, Ontario students never need to concern themselves with such problems. You simply submit a maintenance request detailing the issue and we send someone to fix it. You can even specify whether you want to give permission to maintenance staff to enter your suite when you’re not home, or whether you’d rather have the work completed when you’re around.

Only in Foundry First will you find student housing that offers such a combination of convenience and luxury. Contact us now to book a tour of our suites.