A Bucket List for Your Last Summer Before College


Going off to college will change your life forever — but luckily you still have one more summer to enjoy. Fill the time with seeing friends, creating memories, and preparing for the transition to the next chapter of your life. To make your summer as fulfilling as possible, make sure to add these ideas to your bucket list.

1. Go Hiking

Take advantage of the summer weather by going for a hike. Being outdoors and getting some exercise is great for clearing your mind and helping you cope with any anxiety you have about heading off to college. Invite friends and family to go with you for a memorable day out — and remember to take plenty of photos to display in your student apartment.

2. Organize a Road Trip

Ask friends to join you on a road trip to visit places you’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance. You could travel for just a couple days or even a week or two. Search for camping opportunities to avoid the trip becoming too expensive.

3. Cook a Meal with Friends

If many of your friends are too busy to travel, a great way to do something together is to share a home-cooked meal. If you each bring a dish to share, you’ll have an abundance of food and will be able to chat late into the evening about your hopes and dreams for the future.

4. Agree to Stay in Touch

As you all head off to different schools, make a pact with your closest friends to keep each other up to date with what’s going on in your lives. Set up a group chat or schedule regular calls.

5. Donate Possessions You No Longer Want

When packing for college, you may come across many belongings you no longer want, such as clothes you haven’t worn in several years. Instead of leaving these things behind to deal with later, donate them to a secondhand store in your area.

6. Finish a Book from Your Reading List

Since you’ll be doing plenty of reading in college, you may as well get into the habit now. Choose a book that’s been on your reading list for a long time, a new summer bestseller, or a memoir of someone who inspires you.

7. Start Journalling

Journalling can improve your mental health and is a great way to record everything that happens in your life. If you’d like to keep a journal to document your college experience, you may find it helpful to start now.

8. Eat at Your Favourite Restaurant

No matter how great the restaurants near your college are, you’ll definitely miss the food from home. Make sure you go to your favourite restaurant in your hometown at least once before you leave for college.

9. Start Learning to Be Independent

Make the adjustment to college life easier by developing skills that will help you live independently. Learn how to cook a wider variety of meals, work on your organizational skills, and make sure you know how to clean your apartment.

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