4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Roommate for Next Semester


Anyone who has had a conflict with a roommate in the past will know that choosing who you want to share an apartment with is an art form. Even your closest friends are often not the right choice, especially if you have very different lifestyles. Instead of basing your decision on who you normally like to be around, come up with some criteria and search for roommates who fit the bill.

1. Specify Some Key Qualities

Just a couple factors tend to influence how well you’ll be able to live together: cleanliness and noise. Think about how much it matters to you that your home is clean. If you’re not the neatest person, you shouldn’t live with someone who wants the apartment to be extremely tidy — and vice versa. In addition, decide if you want to throw parties and play music at a reasonably high volume or if you’d prefer to keep your apartment quiet to be able to study.

2. Ask Friends and Acquaintances

Compare your own habits and lifestyle with those of other people searching for roommates. As well as friends, talk to acquaintances and friends of friends. Remember that there’s no need to become close with your roommates — being able to live together harmoniously is far more important than hanging out.

3. Search Online

If you’re unable to find anyone to live with after talking to friends and other people you know, turn to the internet. Look for social media groups for your college and local area. Since you’ll be talking to strangers, it’s extra important to be honest. For instance, mention if you’ll want silence in your apartment after a certain hour to focus on schoolwork or if you’ll often be coming home in the early hours of the morning after a party. Also make sure to discuss your thoughts about inviting guests over, sharing food, and dividing up chores.

4. Post Flyers

If your online search yields no good results, revert to old-fashioned print advertising. Create flyers to stick in places around campus asking for roommate applications. Include key information about what you’re looking for to filter out unsuitable candidates. If you feel uncomfortable including contact information like your social media handle or phone number, create an email address purely for the purpose of finding a roommate.

Choosing the right roommate can be stressful. Students who have had a bad experience with a roommate in the past often decide to rent on their own instead, but this tends to be much more expensive and could be out of your budget. An ideal alternative to a bachelor apartment near Fanshawe College is a suite at Foundry First. We’ll provide you with a private bedroom in a spacious apartment that you’ll share with three or four other people. To ensure you get along great with all your roommates, we’ll use roommate matching based on the personality profile from your application. Apply early to ensure we’re able to pair you with the perfect roommates in time for next semester.

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