10 of the Best Gifts for Fellow Students


Although it may not be practical to purchase gifts for all your college friends, there’s most likely a few people on your list. Buy them something special without breaking the bank with these ideas.

1. Throw Throw Burrito

If your friends enjoy having regular game nights, you may like to give someone a new game for you all to play. A top choice this year is Throw Throw Burrito, which is a combination of card game and dodgeball.

2. Mini Blender

You can prepare so many things with a blender, including smoothies, soups, and salsas. A mini blender is convenient even for friends who have limited space. Plus, many models come with a lid for the cup, allowing your friend to take a smoothie on the go.

3. Potted Plant

No home is complete without at least a few plants. Choose one that’s easy to care for, such as a succulent that only needs watering every two weeks or so.

4. Slippers

Every college student needs a pair of warm slippers to keep their toes toasty. Plus, slippers are much more comfortable than wearing shoes indoors — and changing into indoor footwear keeps your home cleaner.

5. Coffee Maker

If you have a friend who spends money on coffee every day, there can be no better gift than a coffee maker. Whereas some machines are likely out of your budget, some simple options make great coffee, such as a classic moka pot.

6. Electric Massager

Whether your friend is a college athlete or spends too much time hunched over a desk, an electric massager could provide some well-needed relief. These devices vibrate to massage the muscles and relieve tension.

7. Reusable Notebook

A reusable notebook is cost effective and convenient. Your friend will never need to buy paper notebooks again and can save notes directly to the cloud.

8. Mini Projector

Anyone who likes shooting videos or taking photos will definitely appreciate a projector. This is a great solution for students who don’t have a TV in their apartment but would like to show off pictures or short films they’ve made. Plus, it also works for movie nights.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

A bluetooth speaker is the ideal gift for any music lover. You can find high-quality models that reach high enough volumes to play tunes for parties at budget prices.

10. Diffuser

Gift your friend the benefits of aromatherapy with an essential oil diffuser. Even friends who live in dorms or apartments that don’t allow candles will be able to use one of these to infuse their bedrooms with their favourite scent.

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