Q: What is included in the cost of rent?

A: 1 Rent includes heat, water, hot water, and a basic internet package. Hydro costs are extra.

Q: Do you accept individual applications, or do I have to apply to F1 as part of a group?

A: Yes, we accept individual applications. We do reserve spaces for groups, but all individuals must submit applications and sign their leases at the same time.

Q: How do you match roommates?

A: We match roommates based on personality profiles that are part of our application process. Roommate matching is not an exact science, but the more honest you are on your application, the better chance we have of finding you a good roommate match.

Q: What happens if I have a roommate conflict?

A:  If you are experiencing a roommate conflict, the first step is to talk to your roommate. If you’re struggling with that, the Community Ambassador can help. Room changes are a last resort when it comes to resolving roommate conflicts and come with a $150 room transfer fee.

Q: Can my friend or partner and I sign a lease for one room and live in it together?

A: Our rooms are single-occupancy, so two individuals cannot live in one at the same time. If you want to live with a friend or partner, you can each sign a lease for a room in the same apartment.

Q: Who can be my guarantor?

A: A guarantor can be any Canadian or American citizen or resident over the age of 25. The guarantor cannot be the resident themselves.

Q: What if I don’t have someone who can act as my guarantor?

A: We do offer an option to waive the guarantor requirement. Please reach out to info@foundryfirst.ca to discuss this option in more detail.

Q: What if I’m having something mailed to the building?

A: If you are receiving mail to the building, your mailing address is:

[You unit number]
[Your name]
625 First Street
London, ON N5V 0B6

Mail will go the mailboxes in the lobby. Your unit number corresponds to your mailbox number. Each unit will get one mailbox key to share, and spares are available to temporary use when the office is open.

Q: Can I move in early?

A: Early move-ins are completely dependent on the following:

  • The previous resident moving out on time
  • The condition they leave your unit in
  • How quickly we’re able to get your space ready

We will do our best to accommodate early move-ins, but cannot guarantee them. Please email info@foundryfirst.ca  to discuss the possibility of an early move-in.

Q: What is a rent deposit?

A: Foundry First collects a deposit, equivalent to a month’s rent, at the time of signing. This is cashed when your lease is signed, and covers the very last month you live with us (prepayment).

Q: What is key deposit?

A: A key deposit is payable at the time of signing. At the end of your occupancy, once your room is emptied and cleaned and keys returned, your deposit will be refunded to you by cheque in 4-6 weeks.

Q: Can I sublet my room?

A: You are welcome to sublet your room at anytime during your lease term. Once you find a sublessee, email info@foundryfirst.ca and request for sublet paperwork.

Q: What are payment methods available?

A: Rent and deposits can be paid by any of the following options;

  • Credit Card or Debit Card on the tenant portal
  • Cheque payable to Foundry First
  • E- transfer – Payment sent to payments@foundryfirst.ca
  • Wire Transfer – please contact the office for wire transfer information

Q: Do I need to purchase tenant insurance?


Tenant insurance is mandatory and tenants will not be allowed to move in without showing proof of insurance

Insurance can be purchased at https://info.apollocover.com/livefoundry

Q: My bathroom fan will not turn off. Is it broken?

A: Your bathroom fan may not be broken. In your suite’s common area you will find a switch, similar to a light switch. This switch is your primary on/off control of the fan in the bathroom. If your primary switch is ON this will prevent the fan switch from working in the bathroom. Considering so, please ensure that this switch is left OFF at all times.

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