7 Benefits of Having a College Degree

By August 23, 2022 News

Attending college has a number of benefits compared to finishing your education with high school. Whatever your career goals, it’s likely that a number of these benefits will apply to you.

1. More Job Opportunities

Many jobs require a college degree — and you won’t even be considered for some positions without one. If you know what kind of job you want, check if it falls into this category. If you’re still unsure about what career to pursue, it’s worth having a degree to keep your options open and help you stand out as a candidate, even for jobs that don’t require a particular qualification.

2. Higher Salary

Higher levels of education lead to higher average salaries. Even differences per year are pronounced, which adds up to a significant increase in earnings over your lifetime.

3. Greater Stability

Jobs that require a college degree also tend to be more stable than those available to high school graduates. As well as being more likely to remain in the same job for longer, you should be able to find a new job quickly if you do end up becoming unemployed. This is both because you’ll be more desirable as a worker and because the kinds of jobs that require a degree are less likely to disappear due to automation or offshoring.

4. Better Job Satisfaction

You’re more likely to enjoy your job if it requires a degree. The work will often put you on the path to a particular career — rather than just paying the bills. Plus, you’ll receive more benefits that make your life more pleasant.

5. Valuable Contacts

During your time at college, you’ll meet a variety of people, including professors, other students, and mentors. All these contacts could be valuable later on, as they’ll connect you to a wider network. In fact, many jobs are never advertised and only available if you know the right people.

6. Personal Development

Just the experience of attending college could be a benefit in itself. Finding out that earning a degree is something you’re able to do can be rewarding. Plus, you’ll develop a number of useful skills, including critical thinking, writing, organization, and independence. Depending on your major and what opportunities you take, you may also learn how to give presentations and work in a team. All this can increase your self-confidence: leading you to sell yourself better in interviews, helping you to better overcome adversity, and reducing your levels of stress.

7. Chance to Gain an Advanced Degree

College is the first step if you think you may like to earn a master’s degree or PhD one day. This will pave the way to work as some kind of specialist or researcher, leading to even higher earnings and often very satisfying work. You may also simply want the experience of gaining an advanced degree: for the challenge, the sense of achievement, or the chance to learn about an area that interests you in great depth.

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