9 of the Hardest Majors If You’re Looking for a Challenge

By November 16, 2021 News

If you’ve always found school quite easy, you may like to give yourself a challenge at university. Picking a difficult major can pay off, since you’ll show potential employers that you have a great work ethic — plus, these majors often have excellent career prospects. Nine majors in particular stand out as being the most difficult of all.


1. Architecture


On average, architecture majors are the students who spend the most time preparing for classes. The reason architecture is such a challenging major is that you need to learn both design techniques and architectural history. To create designs that are feasible, you’ll also need to understand physics and calculus as well as design theory and processes. The history side of your degree will cover everything from buildings and urban centres to art history as a whole.


2. Aerospace Engineering


Two majors fall under aerospace engineering: aeronautical engineering (which is about aircraft) and astronautical engineering (which covers spacecraft). It’s hard to say if either one is more challenging than the other. In addition to covering aircraft or spacecraft structure, you’ll study aerodynamics, propulsion, and gas dynamics.


3. Cell and Molecular Biology


Although it’s called biology, when you go down to the cellular and molecular level, the discipline is more biochemistry than pure biology. To understand cell and molecular biology in practice, you’ll likely also take classes in ecology, marine biology, and immunology.


4. Neuroscience


Another major that appears to be biology but is actually more interdisciplinary is neuroscience. You’ll cover all aspects of the nervous system, which means you’ll need to take classes in chemistry, psychology, and physics as well as anatomy and physiology.


5. Bioengineering


Combine your interests for engineering and biology into a single major by studying bioengineering. You’ll learn how to create products for all kinds of biological applications. One type of bioengineering major is biomedical engineering, in which you specifically consider how to develop devices for health care and medicine.


6. Physics


Since physics covers the very large down to the very small, it has a huge range of applications in the real world, making it a useful major to choose. It may take you time to fully grasp the concepts of thermodynamics, magnetism, gravity, and waves, which is why this major is such a challenge.


7. Biophysics


You can also combine physics with biology in biophysics. This is a great major to take if you have an interest in learning about the role of physics in all kinds of organisms. You may be able to specialize in an area like cell biology, neurobiology, physiology, or evolution.


8. Astronomy


A major that sounds instantly appealing to many students is astronomy — but don’t expect this to be anything close to an easy ride. You’ll take many of the same classes as physics students, in addition to calculus, computer science, and cosmology. Expect to learn about different types of celestial objects and other phenomena that’s out of this world. It will all help you gain a better understanding of the universe.


9. Chemistry


Your university may offer various majors in chemistry — all of which are among the most challenging choices. General chemistry looks at how matter functions and behaves, including how different types react with each other and the energy involved in these reactions. You will take specialist classes along with your general chemistry courses if you decide to major in something like chemical engineering or biochemistry.


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