Tips for Adjusting to College Life

By September 13, 2021 News

The change of lifestyle that comes with going away to college often comes as a shock to students. Living in a different city and being away from friends and family is difficult for everyone. However, these tactics can help you adjust and feel at home much sooner.


1. Go to All Your Classes


Many students use their newfound freedom to skip classes when they start college. However, this can quickly backfire, as you’ll find you lack an understanding of the course material. Besides, classes are a great way to start meeting people, develop a routine for your time at college, and make the most of your education.


2. Learn the Proper Way to Study


You may have coasted through high school without putting in much effort. It’s unlikely to be that way in college, though, no matter how intelligent you are. You’ll need to learn how to study, which includes thinking deeply about the material you’re learning, expressing concepts in your own words, and tying ideas together.


3. Join Study Groups


Collaborating with other students who are taking the same classes is a great way to study. For instance, you can work through the most difficult parts of course material together to ensure you have a good understanding before tests and assignments.


4. Embrace New Opportunities


College is not just about academics: it’s also a chance to meet new people from all kinds of different backgrounds and to learn more about yourself. A great way to do this is to take advantage of all the activities on offer. Explore new passions by joining clubs and expand your group of friends by attending a variety of events.


5. Check In with Old Friends


Avoid homesickness by staying in touch with friends from your hometown. In addition to sending quick messages throughout the day, it can be comforting to set up a regular time to have a video call.


6. Chat with Your Roommate


Another way to stop feeling lonely is to talk to the people around you. Since you’re already living together, it makes sense to get to know your roommate. Even if you don’t end up becoming close friends, you’ll at least always have someone to chat with. Plus, developing a good relationship early on will mean you’re much less likely to have problems later.


7. Stick to a Budget


It’s easy to overspend in college, especially if the friends you make always want to go out. You’re already paying a large amount in tuition — the last thing you want is to rack up debt due to poor financial decisions. Use a spreadsheet to organize your finances and make sure you stay within your budget.


8. Set Goals for Your Time at College


Stay motivated by working toward goals. These can be related to any aspect of your life. Just make sure you write them down and create an action plan to ensure you’re able to meet your targets.


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