What to Do When You Forget an Assignment

By September 10, 2021 News

Staying on track with your studies can be hard at times, especially when you have other commitments, like extracurriculars or a part-time job. To make matters worse, professors often set assignments with due dates far in the future, making it easy to forget about an assignment entirely. It is extremely stressful to realize you don’t have enough time to complete an assignment, especially if you’re worried this could impact your final grade. Instead of panicking, there are a few things you can do to resolve the situation.


1. Let Your Professor Know


As soon as you realize that you’ll be unable to submit the assignment on time, contact your professor. Don’t wait until the day before the due date, as this shows you didn’t think ahead. If possible, meet with your professor in person, such as during office hours.


If meeting in person is not a possibility, an email will have to suffice. Address your professor formally, be polite, and remember to apologize. Keep the email to no more than a few lines to avoid including unnecessary information or repeating yourself and ask if it would be possible to extend the deadline. Finally, make sure you include your contact information and student number.


2. Explain Your Situation


Be honest with your reasons for missing the deadline. Your professor wants you to succeed and may be able to help you overcome any problems you are facing with submitting assignments on time — but this is only possible if you’re truthful about why you messed up. Besides, there’s a good chance your professor will catch on if you’re not being entirely honest about the situation.


In addition, make it clear you understand that it’s your responsibility to meet due dates — your professor won’t appreciate it if you try to lay the blame on someone else. For instance, if your workload is too heavy, don’t complain about not having enough time to complete all your coursework. Instead, admit that you’ve taken on more than you can handle and that you may need to adjust your schedule.


3. Submit Something


Your professor may ask you to submit whatever you have by the due date just to help you receive something higher than a zero. Alternatively, you may receive an extension — although it’s unlikely that this will be for much more than a few days. Whatever the case, put in the effort to submit the best work you can in this short timeframe.


4. Commit to Doing Better Next Time


Don’t expect more than one second chance at university. This is not high school and the consequences for missing due dates are much more severe. Professors expect you to act like an adult and meet your deadlines, just like you would have to do at work. Keep track of your due dates and create a schedule for completing assignments around them. If you have a few assignments due around the same time, work on them well in advance. This is good practice anyway, since you never know if you’ll face a major problem, such as a medical emergency, power outage, or broken laptop.


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