Questions to Ask When Touring Universities

By August 3, 2021 News

Visiting universities is a great way to narrow down your list of potential schools to a shortlist of favourites. It will allow you to consider more than just whether the college offers the major and extracurriculars you want. For instance, you can chat with other students to see how they feel about the university. Plus, you can ask the following questions to assess your own feelings about the school.


1. Would I Be Happy at This School?


The most important question is one you should ask yourself: Would you be happy at the university? Imagine yourself on campus and decide if you’re excited by the prospect. You may visit a school you originally thought was your top choice only to find that something doesn’t feel quite right when you arrive. There’s no need to put the reason into words — the crucial thing is to go with your gut.


2. What Are Things You Like and Dislike About the School?


If you’ll be visiting many colleges, it’s easy to forget the small details. Right after your tour, make a note about a few features that stood out. Try to identify three things you liked the most, perhaps including the facilities or buildings. In addition, write down three things you either disliked or liked less than at other schools you visited. You’ll find this information useful when you come to compare your options later.


3. Questions to Ask Your Guide


The exact questions you should ask your guide will depend on what matters to you most. Use these questions for inspiration:
What’s your major? (If it’s the same as yours, follow this up by asking about what classes the student has enjoyed the most. If it’s completely different to yours, you could ask about the best electives.)

  • Is it easy to find an internship?
  • How do the professors make their classes engaging? Do they use interactive learning activities? Are there more opportunities to interact with your professors?
  • Have you had the chance to take field trips or attend talks by guest lecturers?
  • What are the food options like?
  • How do you spend your weekends? What kinds of social activities are on offer?
  • Why did you choose this college? What types of students does this school attract?


4. How Do the Students Seem?


Finally, consider the attitudes of the other students you meet. When you talk to them (or even just observe them), do they seem excited — or do they seem stressed? Do they praise the school and speak about their classes with enthusiasm — or do they talk about feeling overwhelmed? What do they think about the extracurriculars, student organizations, and other opportunities available?


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