7 Strategies for Acing Your Midterms

By February 18, 2020 News

Few times at college are more stressful than the period right before midterm exams. Even if you’ve been studying hard all semester, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed as these important tests approach. Yet, there’s no need to panic. With the following strategies, you can perform your best on your midterms.

  1. Find a Place to Study

First and foremost, you need a spot where you’ll be able to focus on your studies without being distracted. Sitting on your bed is no good, nor is heading to a coffee shop where you’ll be surrounded by other people. The best place is usually the desk in your room — unless if you have a noisy roommate, in which case a better option may be the library.

  1. Remove Distractions

You also need to be proactive in minimizing any distractions. Turn off the notifications on your phone and don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked. If you remember that you need to do something unrelated to your studies, make a note of it for when you’re finished.

  1. Create a Study Schedule

As soon as you’ve finished reading this post, write up a study schedule. Your first session should be today — or, at the latest, tomorrow. Divide your schedule into blocks of time, dedicating each block to a different subject. Once you’ve done this, go into more detail: specify the particular topic you want to cover, along with your learning goals.

  1. Take Breaks

Be sure to include regular breaks in your study schedule. Every few hours, take 10 or 15 minutes to rest. Stand up and do some stretches, or go outside for a short walk and a change of scenery. This will help refresh your mind so you can stay engaged in the content.

  1. Ask for Support

Take advantage of the resources offered by your college, such as office hours with professors and support from teaching assistants. Use the opportunity to clear up any doubts you have about a particular topic and to make sure you’re studying the right material for your midterms.

  1. Improve Your Diet

Good nutrition is highly beneficial for keeping your focus — both when studying and when taking exams. For starters, eat proper meals with ample protein and fiber for energy. If you find yourself needing a snack, stick to healthy foods rather than fatty treats. Finally, no matter how busy you are, make sure to eat regularly. When you’re hungry, your brain is unable to function properly, meaning you’ll absorb less of what you’re studying.

  1. Sleep

It may be tempting to stay up late into the night to cram as much as possible before an exam. Yet, you’re less likely to do well when you’re trying to function on just a few hours’ sleep. If you stick to your schedule, there should be no need to study the night before. Aim to get a full six to eight hours of sleep.

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