How to Keep Your Student Apartment Neat

By February 13, 2020 News

When you’re living in a small dorm room, suite or apartment, the space can get messy fast. If you don’t put things back where they belong quickly, clutter starts building up. Soon, your room starts to feel cramped and uncomfortable.

At times, it may seem impossible to keep your space tidy, but all it really takes are a few good habits. Discover some simple yet practical ways to keep your space neat below.

  1. Make Your Bed in the Morning

Because the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the room, it’s also the most noticeable. An unmade bed therefore makes the room feel untidy even if everything else is in order. Since it takes a minimal amount of time to make your bed, begin each day with this quick task and you’ll be off to a great start.

  1. Sort Out Your Desk

One area where you likely spend most of your time is your desk. Instead of making stacks of papers and scattering items across your desk, create a system to keep everything organized. Purchase caddies, file racks, drawer dividers — whatever it takes. Plus, look through your papers often and throw out any you no longer need.

  1. Take Out the Trash

As soon as the trash is full, empty it. Never wait until you’re piling items around the trashcan. Taking out the trash on a regular basis is also useful for maintaining good hygiene and preventing bad odours.

  1. Use an Air Freshener

Even if you are vigilant about taking out the trash, odours may be hard to avoid entirely. Air fresheners can go a long way toward keeping your room smelling pleasant. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and nonhazardous, unlike scented candles.

  1. Store Dirty Laundry

Ideally, you should have somewhere to keep dirty laundry that’s not a heap on the floor. Invest in a laundry bag or hamper.

  1. Decide Where Every Item Goes

Assign a location for each one of your belongings. Not only will this reduce clutter, it will make finding things much easier.

  1. Schedule a Cleaning Day

Make one day a week cleaning day. Sweep or vacuum the floor, dust surfaces, and wipe down the fridge. Also, go through your food to make sure nothing has expired.

  1. Clean Up Messes in the Moment

Some things should not wait until cleaning day. If you make a mess, such as a spill, clean it up straight away. It will only become more difficult to clean later — plus, it may cause a stain or invite pests.

  1. Wash Dishes After Use

Similarly, dirty dishes should never wait until cleaning day. If you don’t have a sink in your room, cleaning dishes does pose more of a challenge. However, there’s a simple solution to the problem: just purchase a dish pan, soap, and a sponge to create your own dishwashing caddy.

When you’re stuck with a messy roommate, there may be little you can do to keep your living space neat. For organized people, this is especially frustrating.

The best solution is to move into off-campus housing. Fanshawe students have Foundry First. As you’ll have a private room in a suite, it’s easy to keep your personal living space neat. Plus, the roommate matching service means you’ll share your suite with students who have similar lifestyle preferences, which can help to prevent disagreements around tidiness.

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