Benefits of Living Off-Campus

By September 26, 2019 Tips
Benefits of Living Off-Campus

Moving off-campus and out of the dorms can be a challenging choice to make. Dorms provide comfort and convenience, and are a common choice among many first-year students. But college is a transitional phase perfect for exploring adulthood and living on your own. Consider these compelling advantages when deciding whether to move into off-campus student housing near Fanshawe College.

Added Space

Dorm rooms are known for being one thing: small. Sharing a room with one or more roommates can be cramped and difficult, especially in the limited space provided in a dorm. As you mature and accumulate more items that make your space feel more like home, you’ll want to consider getting a space of your own. Even if you choose to rent a room instead of an apartment to yourself, you can expect a space of your own that’s typically larger than the average dorm room.

Apartments also come with a kitchen, living area, and storage to make your life easier. Even if you have a roommate or two, the larger space will provide you with everything you need to live together comfortably.

An Opportunity for Life Experiences

An apartment means new responsibility, which can help to set you up for a successful future. After college, you’ll most likely be living on your own with no significant financial support from your parents. Having this responsibility will give you the small push towards adulthood that you’ll need after college ends. You’ll be able to fully experience new aspects of adulthood which you wouldn’t get in a dorm, such as budgeting, cleaning a larger space, and grocery shopping on your own.

Don’t forget that renting off-campus is also a great way to build credit and establish a rental history. If you’re a good tenant, it will show on your rental history and make finding an apartment or home to rent in the future much easier.

Money Savings

Believe it or not, off-campus apartments can be more affordable than living in dorms — as long as you know where to look. Spend plenty of time doing research to find an option that’s close to your college, but cost-effective.

Since you’ll also keep a closer eye on your finances when you rent, you’ll be more likely to scout out deals elsewhere, too. For example, you might get creative with savings opportunities when it comes to books, transportation, and groceries.


From curfews to guest restrictions, most dorms are known for having strict rules. As you become more mature, you’ll want to live in a place with fewer rules so that you can maintain your own schedule and freedom. Keep in mind that apartments do have general rules about pets, noise levels, amenities, and occupancy; however, these rules are very easy to follow, and you can still enjoy a night on the town without anyone policing you.

Access to Amenities

On-campus living is typically restricted to the campus itself and its surrounding areas. When you choose to live off-campus, a whole new world of amenities opens up. Many complexes offer free Wi-Fi, a study lounge, and a gym. You’re also closer to key attractions like parks, shops, and other hot spots that you normally couldn’t walk to from your dorm room.

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