Beat Exam Stress with these Proven Tips

It’s almost December, which not only brings the hectic holiday season, but it also means that you’re nearing the end of your first term and exam season will be around the corner in January. If you feel like the exam rush is more stressful than the holiday rush, you’re not alone. Study halls, dorm rooms, libraries, and student lounges will soon be full of people studying, and all of this hubbub can make it difficult to stay on track and find a time or place to study in peace. Check out the following tips and learn some proven ways to prepare for your exams while keeping your stress levels to a minimum.

Get Organized and Stay Organized

During exams, organization is the key to your success. Being or staying organized starts with effective time management. Effective time management includes scheduling your study sessions and writing down important deadlines and test dates, but it also means budgeting some time for fun and relaxation. Set milestones to help you stay on track and motivated.

Organization also includes smart, effective note-taking, such as writing down definitions and important facts on notecards or using different notebooks for each course. Finally, stay organized by making sure your study space is clean and clutter-free. A clutter-free environment makes it easier to avoid distraction.

Join a Study Group

For some people, studying in a group can actually increase their concentration and make the entire study process easier and faster. In a group, you can share notes, concerns, and solutions to problems. Having study partners can also help with concentration and procrastination issues. Plus, if you’re living in off-campus Fanshawe College student housing, like R1, organizing a study group will be easy because there are plenty of places where study groups can meet.

Take Care of Yourself

Exam-time can be stressful, and many students get stuck in a cycle of studying, working on assignments, and writing exams without a break. This cycle can make it easy for you to neglect yourself. What most students don’t realize is that health and wellbeing can play a major role in academic performance; you’ll need plenty of energy to perform at your best! To get this energy, you should eat healthy meals and snacks on a consistent basis, exercise, sleep seven to nine hours a night, and take breaks or do something fun when you need to. All of these activities will keep your mind sharp and your body fueled.

Reward Your Achievements

The end of the semester can be so stressful that completing your exams is truly an achievement – and achievements should be rewarded! Don’t be afraid to treat yourself after your exams and assignments are done. Make plans with friends for a nice dinner out, buy tickets to a concert or movie you want to see, or plan a night out bowling.

Now is a great time to start thinking about your upcoming exams. Get your mind in the game and put your best foot forward. You’ll be happy that you did!